Coin Request Procedure

Change Fund: To be used by Campus Departments which are involved in revenue producing activities that require having coin/currency on hand for retail transactions. The change fund is for an indefinite time period to a Department operating a cashiering function which requires making change for retail sales.

If you are first acquiring a Change Fund for your departmental retail transactions, please follow the 301-Custodian Funds User Guide under Establish/Create. Campus Departments will place all coin orders by using the US Bank website called SinglePoint.  To obtain Cash Vault permissions within SinglePoint complete the Bank Account Website Access Form (SinglePoint) and send to Cash Management.

Special deposit tickets for depositing the amount of coin purchased will be ordered for your operation by e-mailing Cash Management.   Instructions on how to order coins will be sent to the department after Cash Management has setup the process through US Bank website (SinglePoint).

If the Armored Car stops schedule needs to be adjusted or a new stop added please follow instructions for the Armored Car Service Change/Request form (see link below). Cash Management reviews and approves all requests. Cash Management reserves the right to work with the armored car service provider to revise these requests before changes occur.