Policy:  702-Transaction Processing--Closing Purchase Orders (POs)
Date:  7/1/07

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Statement of Policy:

POs will remain open the entire fiscal year.  POs will be closed or rolled over by Accounting Services at fiscal year end.  PeopleSoft Shared Financial System (SFS) does not allow the re-opening of POs once closed.

Extenuating circumstances may occur during the year which will make closing a PO a necessity.  Other exceptions to closing POs at year end are grants or individual funding lines that are ending.  Accounting Services will close POs at the request of the Dean's Office or Research and Sponsored Programs (RSP) only in these circumstances...

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702-Transaction Processing--Closing Purchase Orders (POs)

Who should know this policy?

Deans, Directors, and staff who prepare requests to close purchase orders

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Use the Encumbrance and Purchase Order Management form at http://www.bussvc.wisc.edu/purch/forms/EncMgtForm.xls.


Susie Maloney