Completing a Direct Payment Form (DP)

The numbered sections below correspond to the following numbered line by line detailed descriptions and pictures of completed information:

1: Vendor #

2: Payment Handling Code

  • Each payment is assigned a payment handling code by Accounting Services.
  • This field is for Accounting Services use only.

3: Check Payable To: (Vendor)

  • Business name or last name, first name if an individual.

4: Taxpayer ID# (SSN, EIN, ITIN)

5: Type of Payment

  • Choose Check or Wire. Note: If vendor is set up for ACH payments, the payment will be sent via ACH.

6: Send Check To

  • Remit to address on invoice or address where check should be sent.
  • Include any special payment handling instructions.
  • Check Payee Pick Up box and include payee phone number or email address if Payee will be picking up check.

7: Amount(s)

  • The dollar amount for each specific funding string.

8: Account

9: Fund

10: Department

11: Program

12: Class

  • SFS sub-classification code to be used for building numbers or travel account code 2164.
  • Coding Information

13:Budget Year

  • 2-digit Budget Year

14: Project

15: Business Purpose for Payment

  • Explanation of why, when, who, where, plus any additional information or justification.

16: Invoice Number

  • Use invoice Number if Invoice Number is given
  • Next, use invoice date if no invoice number is given: MMDDYY (month/day/year)
  • Use account number PLUS the invoice date: ACCT#MMDDYY

17: Invoice Date

  • Date invoice was created: MMDDYY (month/day/year)
  • If no invoice date, use date DP was created.

18: Contact Person

  • Name of the person who can provde additional information, if needed.

19: Telephone Number

  • Telephone number of the person to contact regarding the payment.

20: Total Amount

  • Total of payment(s).

21: PI/Department Approval

  • Printed name, original signature and date required.

22: Dean/Division Approval

  • Please consult your Dean's office for required additional signatures for approval.
  • Printed name, original signature and date required.

23: Form Copy Instructions

  • Accounting Services requires the original form with copies of the original invoice or receipts attached.
  • Do not send multiple copies of the same page.
  • Photocopy original receipts that are not 8.5" by 11" and attach the photocopy to the DP. DO NOT send receipts taped to a sheet of paper.
  • Do not use highlighters, colored pens or sticky notes as images are scanned in black and white. The items may darken when scanned and black out the information.
  • Please consult with your Dean or Director's business office on additional copies required by your division.
  • Please send your completed form to Accounts Payable, Suite 5301, 21 N. Park Street.