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Address: Accounting Services
21 N. Park Street
Madison, WI 53715-1218
Phone: (608) 262-5748
Fax: (608) 262-5060 (Controller's Office)
(608) 262-9681 (File Room)
(608) 265-9035 (Vendor Relations)

Staff Directory

Suite 5301

Accounts Payable

Tax Compliance and Reporting Program

Travel and Card Area

Suite 6101


Capitol Equipment and Property Control

Cash Management

Data and Financial Systems Management


Controller's Office

Dan Langer Controller
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Tax Compliance and Reporting Program
Jose A. Carus, Jr. Tax Compliance Manager; Tax reporting requirements and documentation (Federal, State, Local, University); Calendar year end tax reporting on IRS forms 1099-MISC and 1042-S; State Sales Tax Issues and reporting; State Entertainer Tax Issues and reporting; Unrelated Business Income Tax (UBIT) Issues and reporting; Individual Taxpayer Identification Numbers (ITIN).
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Asset Management

Capital Equipment and Property Control
Amy Rognsvoog Property Control Manager
Sandeepa LamaProperty Control Accountant
Tony Lotten Property Control Accountant
Cindy Gillis Property Control Accountant
Contact Equpiment and Property Control

General questions related to Equipment and Property Control

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Cash Management
Cash Management

Questions about Bank, Wire/ACH, and Credit Card Deposits; Receipt and Sales Credit Transfers; Refund of Receipts; Accounts Receivable Invoices; Claiming Unidentified check/wires

Custodian Fund Human Subject Studies, Contingent Bank Accounts, Petty Cash and Change Fund
CashNet Questions about CashNet Applications
PCI Help Questions about PCI training and SAQs
Rochelle Cushman Cash Managment Supervisor
Shauna Schwantes PCI; SAQs; Credit Card Merchant Applications; Internet Credit Card Applications; Web Banking Access
Janet Hamm

Credit Card Merchant Accounts; CashNet, Outgoing Wires & Drafts, Vendor Refunds and Collections

Maria Villaescusa Daily Deposit, Unidentified Checks / Wires / ACH
Custodian Funds, Department Deposits
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April Cook Gifts Manager
Contact Gifts

General questions related to Gifts or Gift-in-Kind processing, forms, check routing, reporting, revenue entries, budget entries, and/or corrections

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Financial Reporting Analysis & Systems

Susie Maloney, Director
Data and Financial Systems Management
Lea Erickson SFS General Ledger, Cost Transfer Tool, Internal Billings, Year End Closing/Roll-Over
John Jameson HRS, Department Set-up, JET, ImageNow/Perceptive Content
Simi Ragha SFS General Ledger, Cost Transfers, Cost Transfer Tool, Project Set-up
Erik Danielson WISDM, WISER, Financial and Interactive Reporting
Kayla Strohl SFS General Ledger, Cost Transfers,Cost Transfer Tool, Project Set Up
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Accounts Payable
Liv Goff Director

Mark Domaszek

Lisa Griesel Vendor Relations beginning with the letters A-L
Sandy Bolson Vendor Relations beginning with the letters M-Z
Mail Room
Roseanne Hatfield Payment Creation, Fileroom, Support Services
Yunlin Sun Data Entry
Denise McDearmon Voucher Uploads
Mackenzie Wichmann Vendor File
Vendor File - Back Up

Jennifer Roltgen

Kevin McMahon
Erin Hamilton
Vendors beginning with the letters A-B
Karie Manhart Vendors beginning with the letters C-G
Emily Soldner Vendors beginning with the letters H-L, Gordon Flesch and Ricoh
Shawo (Tashi) Tashi Vendors beginning with the letters M-R
Karyn Schroeder Vendors beginning with the letters S-Z, #'s
Juli Beard Audit - Direct Payments to Vendors/Freight
Zhengu Pei Audit - Payment to Individuals (PIR)
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Travel and Card Area
Rusty Haines Manager
Meghann Grove Purchasing Card, My Corporate Card
Rusty Haines Fox World Travel, Concur
Graig Brooks e-Reimbursement/GET
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