Events-Reception Payment Form

Reception expenses are payable if the criteria listed below is met. In order to satisfy the “Headquarters City” requirements, you must be able to check one box in each of the four categories. A printed, completed copy of this form and the required documentation should be attached to the payment mechanism (e.g., e‑Reimbursement, Purchasing Card Log, Requisition, or PIR).

Event: Date:
Event Location: On Campus Off Campus
Note: When held in the headquarter city for the majority of the attendees, the event must be held on campus.
Was a fee collected from participants to cover costs? Yes No
1. Allowable Expenses: (Must pertain to event)
A reception is a gathering of individuals associated with a UW sponsored event that provides the opportunity for interaction in a setting that is not purely social in nature. Unlike a business meeting, a reception may not have a specific agenda or timeframe. Like a business meeting, the purpose must be related to or promote the mission of the hosting department
2. Reasonable Approved Expenses: (Must pertain to event)
Expenses were limited to reasonable food and beverage costs, reception room cost, service charges and gratuity. All expenses have been approved in accordance with the Division's Dean/Director's office policy.
3. Documentation Requirements: (Must be attached)
A statement or document, which substantiates the official business relatedness of the reception, is attached.
4. Proof of Payment: (Check the box that pertains)
Original detailed invoice/receipt showing amount paid is attached. (Solitary credit card slips are not sufficient)
A copy or handwritten receipt is attached because:
Vendor will submit original invoice. (When form is used as part of the purchase order process.)
(Signature of Approving Official) Not required if included in the payment mechanism.