Direct Payment Form Instructions
(Updated 05/2018)

Direct Payment Form |SFS Account Codes

When to Use the Direct Payment (DP) Form

Use the Direct Payment (DP) form to make payments when an invoice is provided by the following:

  • Individual non-employee (vendor) (*see criteria about services below)
  • Company (including LLCs)
  • Institution (Do not use the DP form to pay UW-Madison departments.)
  • Organization

The following criteria must also be followed:

The following types of payments should not be submitted on the Direct Payment Form:

Printing the Form

There are many versions of Excel on campus. The form has been developed to print on one page. If you are having problems printing, on the Excel tool bar, select File, then Page Set Up. This will open a dialog box for you to select "Fit to 1 page". If this solution does not work, please contact your IT support person for further assistance.

Contact Information

Questions regarding this form should be directed to Juli Beard.