Group/Team Travel Expense Receipt Form Instructions

This form is for convenience and can be used in recording payment information of student group/team travel, where monetary allowances are dispensed as a cash advance in e-Reimbursement for food or entertainment expenses. This form will serve in place of a receipt for these types of small expenditures when there is no official receipt from a vendor. The university employee, (e.g. coordinator, Dean, Director, Chairperson, Coach, etc.) with permanent status, who can certify that the expenditures were travel related, should complete the Group/Team Travel Receipt Form, provide all names of attendees, purpose of payment, then approve and submit for reimbursement on an expense report, Direct Payment, or PIR form.

  1. Print the form on your printer.
  2. Complete appropriate sections of the form, including Department and funding string, name of payee and affiliation, purpose of payment and date of expenditure.
  3. Attach to the payment mechanism and route through usual channels.

Group/Team Travel Expense Receipt Form

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