Procedure: 101.A-Departmental Scholarship Authorization
Date: 05/31/02 (Updated 02/22/2010)

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Statement of Procedure:

  1. Prior to filling out Payment to Individual Report (PIR) and Scholarship Authorization forms:
    1. Gift (fund 133) and Trust (fund 161) accounts - all accounts must have spending authority for your department UDDS, activity 9 and account code 5711. If your department UDDS code needs to be added to either a Gift or Trust account please send a written request to your Dean’s Office. If you need to establish a new account complete a Transmittal Form and send it to your Dean’s Office for approval. Please do this before submitting the Scholarship Authorization Forms.
    2. Verify the balance in the Account. Make sure that the total you are authorizing does not exceed the balance in the account.
    3. Check terms and conditions.
      For Gift Accounts verify terms and conditions from your individual scholarship files and/or those provided by the UW Foundation. Note: the gift account must be active. If an account is not active, the statements "DEACTIVATED" and "BLOCK: BUD REQ DSB" will appear on 3270 transaction INQM. Accounts may be deactivated if not used within three years. Once an account has been deactivated you must complete a Transmittal Form to establish a new account. This transmittal form requires a Dean’s Office signature and is then submitted to Research and Sponsored Programs.

      For Trust Accounts review the listing of account terms and conditions supplied by Trust Fund Operations.
  2. Special Notes:

For all Activity 9 transactions ( it is recommended that departments use the scholarship disbursement process that posts the scholarship to the student account.  Information on this process can be obtained through your Dean’s Office and at: Please note that this process should be used for all Activity 9 transactions except for Nonresident Alien (NRA) students.  For NRA’s the payment must be processed through the manual Payment to Individual Report (PIR) because of the necessary Homeland Security (Immigration and Naturalization Service) and Internal Revenue Service (IRS) documentation required to make payments to NRA’s.

For scholarships awarded to Nonresident Alien Students (International Students) see to view the manual titled Payment to Foreign Nationals Immigration and Tax Considerations.

If the payment you are making is for a prize or award, not a scholarship, use the appropriate activity code, your departmental UDDS code and account code 3750. Send these completed PIR forms through your Dean’s Office, directly to Accounting Services 21 N. Park St., Suite 5301, Madison, WI 53715-1218.

If you have an event planned at which you want to distribute the checks we must have the completed forms at least 3 weeks prior to the date of the event.

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101-Payments to Individuals

Who should know this procedure?

Deans, Directors, and Staff who prepare payments

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