Policy & Procedure Index

Policies and Procedures

100 Payment

101 Payments to Individuals

102 Exceptional Expenditures Using 133/144 Funds

103 Payments to Research Participants

104 Transfer of Funds Between UW-Madison Departments

105 Gift Cards

200 Reimbursement

201 Travel 201

202 Hosted Meals and Events

203 Payment for Services and Travel and Expense Reimbursement for Non-employees

300 Advances

301 Custodian Funds

302 Cash Advances

400 Revenue

401 Accounts Receivables (A/R), Invoicing, Collections

402 Revenue Accounting

403 Revenue Producing Activities (RPA)
(403 is replaced by Guidelines for Revenue Producing Activities)

404 Credit Card Merchant Services and PCI Compliance

405 Deferred Revenue - Future Year Revenue

Property Control

110: Capital Equipment Policy

110.1: Recording and Tagging Capital Equipment Procedure

110.2: Gift In Kind Procedure

110.3: Transfer-in with New Hire from another Institution Procedure
          (Transfer-in via No Purchase or Purchase)

110.4: Fabricated Captial Equipment Procedure

110.5: Upgrades to Existing Capital Equipment Procedure

110.6: Physical Inventory Procedure

110.7: Equipment Disposition Procedure

110.8: Location/Room Changes Procedure

110.9: Change in Custody to another Department Procedure

110.10: Asset Loan Agreement Procedure

110.11: Departing Employee Request to take Capital Equipment to a New
             Institution Procedure

110.12: Delegation of Department Property Adminstrator (DPA) Procedure

600 Tax

601 Tax Compliance, Reporting and Withholding on Non-Salary Payments

602 Sales Tax

700 Accounting System

702 Transaction Processing--Closing Purchase Orders (POs)

703 Cost Transfer Request (Non-Salary) Non-Grant--any fund except 133 and 144

704 Non-Sponsored Projects

800 Records Retention

801 Records Retention Schedule

UW System Financial and Administrative Policies