UW-Madison Ecommerce (CASHNet)

CASHNet allows departments on campus to develop storefronts on the internet and receive credit card payments 24 hours a day, 7 days a week using a stable, fast and secure server.

How CASHNet works:

  • The customer browses a merchant storefront and submits an order. The order information is passed along to CashNet's secure Web server where the customer enters their credit card information. CashNet processes the transaction and displays a confirmation or denial message.
  • The merchant gathers daily transaction information from the CashNet Administration web site. This information is used to perform daily reconciliation.

MerchantID Required Information for Ecommerce Web Stores

***All Ecommerce pages and receipts must contain the following four pieces of information.

  1. Refund Policy
  2. Example: If a participant cancels less than seven working days prior to the date of the event, no refund can be issued. A substitute may be sent in the place of the original registrant, but the individual participant or department is responsible for coordinating and communicating this to the <Wherever>.

  3. Privacy Statement
  4. Example: The <Merchant Name> does not sell, rent, trade or distribute any personally identifiable information obtained from clients to a third party, except in cooperation with government agencies or as required by law. Information collected by <Merchant Name> is used for the administrative and operational purposes of our services.

  5. Doing Business As
  6. Example: Your credit card statement will reflect this merchants Doing Business as name as <Merchant Name>

  7. Customer Service
  8. Example: Please contact <Merchant Contact person’s name, phone number, email address, and the address of merchant’s permanent establishment> if you have any questions.