Policy: 201.L Receipt Requirements

Statement of Policy

Itemized receipts provided by the vendor are required for all business unless stated otherwise below. Purchasing card transactions must be supported by a receipt regardless of the dollar amount.  Receipts and/or other supporting documentation in foreign currency/language must be converted to US dollars and translated to English. For additional supporting documentation requirements please see the expense specific policies in the 201 - Travel policy index.

Note: Sponsored projects (e.g., fund 144 or 133) are subject to the terms and conditions of the specific award, as well as applicable program guidelines, which may restrict use of funds for certain types of expenses.  Please contact the RSP accountant for your award with any questions.

Form of Record

Paper or electronic receipts and supporting documentation (e.g. conference agenda, cost comparison, attendee list), are acceptable forms of record for payment and reimbursement of University business related expenses. When electing to retain records electronically, the following standards must be met:

  • Electronic records must be clear and legible
  • All pertinent information must be included (e.g. front and back of pages)
  • All sensitive information (e.g. ADA, HIPPA, credit card numbers, social security numbers) must be redacted for legal and security purposes


Travelers and departmental staff should contact their respective Divisional Business Office for policy or procedural questions.

Divisional Business Offices may e-mail uwtravel@bussvc.wisc.edu with questions.