Policy: 201.E Train, Bus, Taxi and other Public Transportation

Statement of Policy
Payment/reimbursement will be limited to the lowest cost of the most reasonable form of public or commercial transportation options. Train travel is limited to coach class unless traveling overnight, when accommodations are limited to a roomette. Travelers can be reimbursed for their use of ride sharing services (e.g. Uber, Lyft) while in travel status. Use of premium ride sharing services (e.g. Uber Select, Lyft Premier) is not reimbursable. Tips for drivers are limited to 20% of the total fare.

Receipt/Documentation Requirements
Receipts are required for the transportation expenses outlined in this policy that exceed $25 (with the exception of travel by train, which requires a receipt regardless of the cost).  Payment/reimbursement requests must reference the purpose of the trip as well as the departing location and destination.

Travelers and departmental staff should contact their respective Divisional Business Office for policy or procedural questions.

Divisional Business Offices may contact uwtravel@bussvc.wisc.edu with questions.