Purchasing Card


Purchasing Card Policies and Procedures

This session is required for all purchasing cardholders and site managers and is a prerequisite to Purchasing Card Site Manager Training. Purchasing Card Policies & Procedures provides an overview of how the purchasing cards work, guidelines for card usage, cardholder responsibilities and documentation requirements. This session takes approximately 1 hour and 45 minutes. Card applications will be processed after applicants complete the required training.
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Purchasing Card Site Manager Training

This session, in conjunction with Purchasing Card Policies & Procedures, provides a site manager with the basic knowledge necessary to maintain and oversee the Purchasing Card Program at the department level. The session includes an overview of site manager responsibilities and a live demonstration of Access Online, the Purchasing Card Program’s transaction management tool. Purchasing Card Policies & Procedures should be completed prior to attending Purchasing Card Site Manager Training. This session takes approximately 75 minutes.
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