WISER Application Update


UW System is currently working on a redesign to WISDM that is called WISER. WISER is the application that will improve and modernize your current data warehousing, retrieval and reporting requirements. Think of WISER as an enhancement to WISDM. You will continue to be able to use WISDM if you prefer. WISER offers user friendly work screens, the ability to pin key searches to your dashboards, organize data more efficiently, and provide better response times to your searches.

Phase 1

Based on user requirements from the UW-Madison APR Traveler Reimbursement project, the UW System WISDM/WISER reporting team has completed the first phase of WISER. You are now able to view expense reports, charts and a variety of search flexibility by using the WISER application and feedback continues to be received to further develop information reporting.

Phase 2

The second phase for the WISER transition is to develop modern, more efficient department searches. Currently there are two department searches in WISDM. In WISER, the intent is to merge the two department searches into one search with greater flexibility to search on more account categories, multiple funds/departments, projects and multiple years.

We Need Your Feedback on Department Searches

The WISER Project team is currently soliciting suggestions for improvements for the department searches. Are there limitations in your current department searches that you would like to see improved? Are there ways to streamline your searches to enable you to stay on one screen to mine all of your data?  Would you like to find a way to limit the amount of time you cut and paste data from the WISDM department searches? Are there additional fields you would like to view when you commit a department search?

How to Communicate Your Feedback

To provide your input, simply click the "Comment" button at the top of any WISDM page to provide insight or suggest improvements for the WISER project team to review.  A form will appear on the webpage.  Update the form with your comments and hit the send button.  Please include "WISER" in the subject line, to assist us with differentiating the suggestions from any current WISDM issues being reported or send your comments and suggestions to the SFSMSN@bussvc.wisc.edu mailbox. Please include “WISER” in the subject line, so we can be sure to catalogue your emails for WISER. Feel free to share this information with colleagues.