WISER Feedback Request

We Need Your Feedback on Department Searches!

The WISER project team is currently gathering requirements from all campuses in regard to WISDM department searches.  This is your chance to contribute by following the directions below and add your comments to improve the department search in the WISER application.

The WISER Project team is currently soliciting suggestions for improvements for the department searches, and all feedback is welcomed.  Are there limitations in your current department searches that you would like to see improved?  Are there ways to streamline your searches to enable you to stay on one screen to mine all of your data?  Would you like to find a way to limit the amount of time you cut and paste data from the WISDM department searches?  Are there additional fields you would like to view when you commit a department search?
How to Communicate Your Feedback
To provide your input, simply click the "Comment" button at the top of any WISDM page to provide insight or suggest improvements for the WISER project team to review.  A form will appear on the webpage.  Update the form with your comments and hit the send button.  Please include "WISER" in the subject line, to assist us with differentiating the suggestions from any current WISDM issues being reported.

You can always send your comments and suggestions to the SFSMSN@bussvc.wisc.edu mailbox.  Please include “WISER” in the subject line, so we can be sure to catalogue your emails for WISER.

Please feel free to circulate this message to the WISDM users at your location. There is a brief overview of this process on the SFS Operations homepage and on the Business Services WISER page.

All feedback is welcome!  Your feedback will be used to define user requirements that will enhance the department searches currently being designed in WISER.  We would appreciate your feedback by 10/17/2014.

The Madison Team