How to Have Your Paycheck Direct Deposited to a Financial Institution

  1. Complete a Direct Deposit Authoriation Form, print and sign it, and return it to your payroll office or Employee Compensation and Benefits Services,(ECABS) Room 49, Peterson Bldg, 750 University Avenue.

  2. Allow 4-5 days for processing after receipt at your department or ECABS. Allowing for processing time, your first check may not be direct deposited, therefore, it is suggested that you contact your financial institution.

  3. Verify with your financial institution on your paydate that your direct deposit has gone into effect—the institution name will not appear on your earnings statement.

Special Notes:

  1. If you have been off the payroll for more than eight (8) months, resubmit the Direct Deposit Authorization Form upon return. Your direct deposit instructions may have been purged.

  2. If you are merely changing departments or jobs, you do not need to complete a new form.

  3. You may always check your earnings statements on the MY UW Madison portal. Earnings statements are on the web about 3 days prior to the pay date. Pay dates may be found at