How To Process Non-Requisition Payments Under $5000

Purchasing Card = P-card
e-Reimbursement = e-Re
Payment to Individual Report = PIR
Direct Payment = DP
UW Internal Billing = UW (Internal)
* = Purchasing Card approved for Travel

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Type of Expense P-card e-Re PIR DP UW
Cellular Phone Service (no personal phone service)       X  
Classified Advertising X     X  
Confirming Orders Invoices Attached (COIA) under $5000       X  
Credit Card Gas       X  
Gift Cards          
Hosting Expenses X X   X X
Internet/DSL Charges X X   X  
Job Applicant Interview Expenses X X   X  
Lodging (hotels) X* X   X  
Meals (individual)   X   X  
Meeting/Conference Food and Beverage X X   X X
Memberships X X   X  
Miscellaneous Supplies X X   X X
Non-Employee/Student Travel X* X      
Online Auction Items X X      
Payments to Individuals - for services rendered     X    
Printing - under $50 X X      
Postage/Postage Meter X X   X  
Prizes and Awards (non-employees)     X X  
Registration Fees X X   X  
Research/Human Subjects Participant Fees     X    
Royalties       X  
Royalties to Individuals     X    
Scholarships/Student Aid     X    
Student Support     X    
Subscriptions X X   X  
Support – Non Employee/Non UW Student     X    
Team/Group Travel X* X      
Tuition & Fees     X    
Tuition Reimbursements   X      
Utility Payments       X  
UW Employee Travel X* X      
UW Student Employee Travel X* X