How to make Expenditures from UW Foundation Accounts

1. Procedure for making expenditures from University Accounts using Foundation Funds:

2. Procedure for making expenditures directly from Foundation Funds:

  • Determine that making the expenditure directly from the UW Foundation is appropriate.

  • To the maximum extent possible, University expenditures are to be made from University Accounts using procedure 1 above.

  • Only those expenditures which are necessary to support ongoing programs where the expenditure is not allowed by University or State regulations and where you feel comfortable explaining the reasonableness of the expenditure if it is challenged in the press or in public, should be made directly from the Foundation. See the last section of for examples of typically appropriate and typically inappropriate transactions.

  • Make the request of the UW Foundation by filling out the form located at and routing that form and all documentation through your Dean or Director's office for approval.

  • Remember that documentation of these transactions is considered a public record.

3. For more complete information about the relationship of the UW Foundation and the University see:

4. In e-Reimbursement, the traveler will be reimbursed for both Foundation and UW expenditures by the University upon approval of their expense report. The University will then collect the UW Foundation portion of the payment from the Foundation accounts specified when the expense report is filed.

  • The traveler prepares and submits the expense report. The receipt packet must include detailed receipts for expenses over $25 and the business reason and justification for the expense that will be charged to the Foundation.
  • Ensure that the expense to be charged to the Foundation is in compliance with UW-Madison and UW Foundation Policies (see
  • Only expenses that cannot be paid by the UW are allowed to be split and charged to the UW Foundation by Approvers.
  • All expenses charged to the UW Foundation must have a valid, open, UW Foundation account number and funds available to cover the expense.
  • The specific names of persons for whom expenses were incurred must be entered in e-Reimbursement. General terms such as “staff” or “donors” are not sufficient.
  • Receipts to support the expense must be obtained and retained according to UW procedures and available upon request by UW Foundation staff.
  • Accounting Services will bill UW Foundation weekly.
  • Auditors will reconcile the receivable account monthly.


  1. Click on the expense type to be charged to the Foundation.
  2. Click the Accounting Detail link
  3. Click the Add Chart Field Line – Do not use the split receipt function.
  4. Enter the dollar amount to be charged to Foundation in the Amount field.
  5. Enter “6240” in the Account field. Do not delete the rest of the funding string information.
  6. Press the ENTER key (a “Foundation” link will appear).
  7. Click on the Foundation link.
  8. Enter the UW Foundation Account Number, Account Description and Reason for Foundation use.
  9. Confirm that names of people for whom expenses were incurred, business reason, and justification for exceeding maximums or other special circumstances has been entered.