How To Request Funds from UW Foundation to University Fund 233 Projects

  1. The initiator of the check request completes a UWF Check Request Form (available at Indicate the Payee as the Board of Regents of the UW System and leave the Mail Check To section of the form blank (put a space in the field to ensure you don't receive an error message for leaving this field blank).
  2. At the same time, the initiator also prepares a UW Gift Routing Form. Leave the check number and check date blank.
  3. Both the UWF Check Request Form and the UW Gift Routing Form are submitted to the appropriate Dean or Director’s Office for approval.  After approval, the Dean or Director’s office submits both forms to UWF. 
  4. UWF prepares a disbursement from the UWF account(s) indicated on the UWF Check Request Form.  Once UWF prepares the disbursement, the department will be able to see a corresponding reduction in its UWF account balance via UWF’s Campus Access at
  5. UWF then sends the disbursement and the UW Gift Routing Form to Accounting Services. 
  6. Based on the information provided on the UW Gift Routing Form, Accounting Services, Gift Management either creates a new fund 233 project and deposits the revenue, or adds the revenue to an existing fund 233 project.
  7. Accounting Services, Gift Management will at the same time increase the budget of the 233 project.
  8. The revenue and the increased budget will be visible in WISDM.

To view a flowchart of this process, click here.