How To Get An Alarm/Access System Installed

If you are thinking of installing an Access Control or Alarm System in your facility, please review the following campus requirements, which must be met prior to processing your requisition.

Please start by contacting the Planning and Development staff at the University Police Department. They will complete a Security Survey document for the space you would like modified. This survey is done free of charge. To arrange for this survey and obtain this document, please contact the Access Control Office at 265-3279. More information is also available on the UW-Madison Police Department web site at
(Please note a Security Survey is not required for an environmental alarm).

The security survey will define the scope of the system needed and any appropriate physical controls that may be necessary to improve the area. A Crime Prevention Specialist will help you assess your needs, and if appropriate, provide the necessary alarm application form. They will coordinate with the UW Electric Shop who will assess your system requirements and compatibility needs prior to any installation. For alarm systems, this will ensure a successful connection with our campus host system and the Police Department. All intrusion alarm systems must report directly to the UW Police Department’s Communications Center.

This process ensures coordination and open channels of communication among all parties (customer, UW Electric Shop, UW Purchasing Dept., UW Police Dept. and applicable vendors). By following this procedure, we should offset any potential for design conflicts resulting in a successful access control or alarm installation that meets your needs and campus standards.