How To Correctly Handle a COR (Continuing Order Requisition)


A Continuing Order Requisition (COR) is provided to enable you to renew your expiring blanket orders. Roughly 3 months before the end date on your blanket order, a new requisition is generated and loaded for you in the external requisition generator. This requisition has a new number, contains the same product or service information from your previous order and has appropriatey advanced the beginning and ending dates of the order to cover the next 12 month period. Once completed, it should allow you to continue to order and receive the products/services specified on your blanket order without interruption.

Each month, once the new orders are populated in the external requisition generator, a COR summary sheet is sent out for each department to the departmental contact. The summary sheet lists the old and new requisition numbers, vendor, total amount, funding, shipping address, and the first line of the order description for every order expiring in the next 3 months. The electronic information about each individual COR listed on that sheet has been loaded for you in the external requisition generator.

Purchasing Services automatically generates CORs and distributes summary sheets monthly and for the June 30 fiscal year ending date. You will not receive a summary sheet unless you have orders expiring in the next 3 months..

Fixed vs. Variable Blanket Orders

CORs for Fixed Blanket Orders will be encumbered for the exact dollar amount.  CORs for Variable Blanket Orders will be encumbered for $1.

  • A "Fixed Blanket Order" is a blanket order that commits fixed dollar amounts and uses the following SFS Account codes:

    Account Code Description
    2200, 2201, 2210, 2230, 2260, 2270, 2271, 2620 - 2625, 2626, 2630, 3700, 6160, 7327, 7328 Services
    2300, 2305, 2320, 2625, 2330, 2335, 2340, 2345, 2350, 2355, 2360, 2370, 2410, 3810 Rental/leases
    2460, 2480, 2630 Maintenance contracts

    3150, 3151


    3840, 3845, 3910 Grant Sub-agreements

    A "Fixed Blanket Order" will be encumbered for the exact dollar amount requested. This is reflected in your CORs.

  • A "Variable Blanket Order" is a blanket order without a fixed commitment, or one that does not use any of the SFS Account codes listed above. Encumbrances for Variable Blanket Orders will be entered as $1.00
    • To split funding on a variable blanket order each line of funding should be for $1. If there are three splits, the total amount on the requisition would be $3.

Department Procedures for CORs:

The external requisition generator will include the amount spent to date for the previous requisition number.  This amount will also appear on the printed copy of the requisition.  If there has been limited or no activity on the previous order, please do not renew your COR. Instead, consider whether the products or services listed on the requisition can be obtained from Shop@UW or by using the Purchasing Card. If the amount spent exceeds $100,000, Purchasing may contact you regarding opportunities for contracting for the goods or services purchased.  If you don’t want to renew your COR, simply ignore the entry on the summary report and take no further action.

To renew a COR and generate the paper copy for signature follow these steps:

  1. Access the external requisition generator through My UW. It is located in the Requisition and Number Generator Module on the Services tab in My UW.
  2. Type the new requisition number listed from your enclosed summary sheet into the “requisition #” field near the bottom of the main menu in the “Update an existing requisition” area and click the “Update Requisition” button.
  3. Review the “Base Requisition” details on the COR, requisition begin and end dates, vendor name and address, ship to address, department contact and make any appropriate changes. Choose “Save And Go To Items” button.
  4. Review the item amounts and descriptions choose the “Edit” button to enter the item line and “Update” to save your changes. CORs with the account codes that are not listed on the "fixed" chart above, may have had the amounts changed to $1. Click on “Go to funding” button.
  5. Click on the “Edit” button to enter the appropriate dollar amount and edit any portion of the funding line.  If your funding involves a project number, make sure your COR end date does not exceed your project end date. Click on “Update” to save changes.  Review all funding changes carefully before submitting the requisitions. Requisitions with absent or incomplete funding lines can not be processed.
  6. Prepare and route completed requisition as per your Dean's office procedure as you would for any other external requisition. Requisitions must be printed and signed by the authorized Dean's office representative to be processed into a Purchase Order (PO) by Purchasing.

Academic Support Services Agreements CORs:

The intent and purpose of ASSAs are to provide a mechanism to procure Instructional or Research Services of a sole source nature under the authority of The Board of Regents.

  • ASSA CORs require the attachment of Sole Source justification annually.
  • If your sole source justification form from the previous year(s) still applies, Purchasing will accept a copy of it with a current signature and date. If the justification needs to be updated, make all changes in RED.
  • Forms can be downloaded from our website at
  • Questions should be referred to the purchasing agent responsible for the specific service category

Dean's Office Procedures for CORs:

  1. Review the printed requisition and confirm that a new COR is required based on previous spend amount.
  2. Review the funding and information that the Department submitted on the COR.
  3. If deemed appropriate, sign, date, and forward as follows:
    • CORs referencing fund 133 with account codes 2460, 2470, 2480 (maintenance & repairs), or 2300, 2305, 2310, 2320, 2625, 2330, 2335, 2340, 2345, 2350, 2355, 2360, 2370, 2410, 3810 (rental & leases), should be sent to Research & Sponsored Programs, Suite 6401 21 N. Park Street.
    • All other CORs are to be sent to Purchasing Services, Suite 6101 21 N. Park Street

Please note that the encumbrance will appear in WISDM AFTER the purchase order is released by Purchasing Services.

Please contact Purchasing Services with any questions.