How To Obtain a Department Copy of a Purchase Order

Starting November 2, 2009 PDF copies of purchase orders available on the web will replace printed copies sent to departments when the PO is released to the vendor. The search functions available through the Purchasing Inquiry allow Departments to find POs based on the Department ID and/or Project ID used in the requisition funding as well as the requisition number. 

  1. To find Department PDF copies of POs, start at the main Purchasing Inquiry page. Click the "Purchasing Information Inquiry" link at the top of the page to launch the application.
  2. Use the "Search Purchase Orders/Requisitions" link and enter your Department ID and/or Project to find your POs. If you know the specific PO number, use the "Specific Purchase Order Lookup" link and enter the PO number to find your PO.
  3. Click the check box that appears to the left of your POs in the search results grid and choose the “Click here for a PDF file of all selected POs” link to obtain a PDF version of the Department copy of your PO to print or save as desired. 

For detailed instructions with screen shots, see the Finding Department Copies of POs PDF.