How To Find the Encumbrance Balance and Status (Open or Closed) of a Purchase Order (PO)

A tool called the Remaining Encumbrance Status Tool is available through the Purchasing Inquiry to assist in viewing information about your PO's including encumbrance balance and status.

  1. To find the PO's encumbrance balance, status (open or closed), expenses from WISDM, and other information to assist in completing an Encumbrance and PO Management Form (EMF), start at the main Purchasing Inquiry page. Click the "Purchasing Information Inquiry" link at the top of the page to launch the main application and login with your NetID and password.
  2. Choose the "Remaining Encumbrance Status Tool" link under the "Campus User Tools" section.
  3. Enter the 7 digit PO number and click the "Go" button.
  4. Basic information about your PO, such as the Order Date, End Date, SFS PO Status (open or closed), PO amount (original dollar total on the order), Vendor Name and Number, will be displayed at the top.  Please note that the PO will only have an end date displayed if it is a blanket order or COR, otherwise the end date will appear as “0/0/0”.  The grid below the basic information will display the current encumbrance balance as shown in WISDM.  This information can be used to complete the Encumbrance Management Form (linked to the right of the “Go” button).
  5. To view expense information from WISDM, click the “Show Expense transactions from WISDM” button to see payments made on the PO.

For detailed instructions with screen shots, see the Finding Encumbrance Balance, PO Status, and Information for Encumbrance Management Forms PDF.

Instructions on completing Encumbrance and PO Management Forms (EMF) are available at