How to Prepare an External Requisition

  1. Choose the proper requisition form for the type of goods or services you wish to procure.
    • External Requisitions are used for purchasing goods/services from all external vendors. These purchases are encumbered and use SFS coding on the requisition document.
    • Internal Work Orders can be used used to communicate information between customers and internal service providers about what is being ordered and what funds will pay for the services. Dollar amounts listed are not encumbered and funding is in SFS coding.

  2. Prepare the Requisition: Complete your requisition using the External Requisition Generator located in the Requisition and Number Generator Module on the Services tab in My UW. Usage instructions, FAQs, and help information are located in the Requisition and Number Generator User Guide.

  3. Processing and Routing Completed Requisitions: Route the requisition, according to your departmental procedures, to receive the necessary approvals and signatures. Your Dean/Director's office will forward the signed/approved external requisition to Purchasing Services for Pre-Audit and final processing into a Purchase Order (PO). The PO and resulting encumbrance will be created in the Shared Financial System (SFS). Encumbrances will be viewable in WISDM the next day. Released orders are printed over night and mailed the next day. Proof the printed copy of the PO as received to ensure accuracy of vendor, vendor address, items ordered, etc. If there is an error, please contact Purchasing Services.

  4. Tracking your Requisition: There are times where it may be necessary to track your requisition as it flows through the processing steps. Normal processing times vary depending on complexity, the routing process, workload, and many other factors. Please view the flowchart explaining the path your requisition must follow and if necessary, follow the instructions for tracking your requisition.

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