How To Track the Path of an External Requisition


Once you create your requisition and begin to route it for approvals and processing, it will generally take the following path.

  1. External Requisitions are created through the External Requisition Generator located in the Requisition and Number Generator Module on the Services tab in My UW.
  2. The requisition is routed for approval and signature according to the procedure specified by your Dean's Office.
  3. Dean or Director's Office gives the department approval for encumbrance of funds, signs the requisition, and forwards to Purchasing Services.
  4. Once received by Purchasing Services (6th floor 21 N. Park St.) for processing, the following steps are taken:
    1. The requisition is logged in and viewable through the Purchasing Inquiry.
    2. It is pre-audited and routed to the appropriate entities for approval if necessary. Requisitions are logged in and out at this step.
      1. If it involves funding administered by Research and Sponsored Programs (RSP), it is routed for their approval before processing.
      2. If the acquisition involves capital equipment, it is forwarded to Property Control for review.
    3. Requisition Entry in Purchasing Services enters and releases orders $5000 and under (called best judgment orders). The agent assigned to the requisition is also logged.
    4. Orders $5000 and over are forwarded to the appropriate purchasing agent for review and approval of proper contract usage and/or a bid or simplified bid process if necessary.
    5. The Purchase Order (PO) and encumbrance are created in the Shared Financial System (SFS).
  5. The PO is sent to the vendor and a department copy is viewable through the Purchasing Inquiry.
  6. The PO information is viewable through the Purchasing Inquiry site and the encumbrance will be viewable in WISDM the following day.

Steps to Track your External Requisition:

Your requisition has electronic visibility immediately after being entered into the external requisition generator. Check the Purchasing Inquiry website as described below for tracking and detail information. A printable version of the tracking instructions with screen shots is also available.

  1. Navigate to the “Purchasing Information Inquiry” at and choose the "Purchasing Information Inquiry" link listed in the first sentence. Login with your NetID and password.
  2. Choose the “Specific Requisition Status Lookup” link.
  3. Enter your requisition number and click “Begin Query”.
  4. Available log information is displayed with the newest recorded action listed first:  The date of the last update in the requisition generator, the date received in Purchasing, the agent to whom the requisition is assigned, and any further routing.  Once a PO is created, the full requisition detail will be available as well.
  5. If your requisition is not listed as being received in Purchasing, check to see if your Dean/Director’s office has signed the requisition and forwarded it to Purchasing Services.

To determine if your purchase order has been issued and view details about the order:

  1. Navigate to the “Purchasing Information Inquiry” at and choose the "Purchasing Information Inquiry" link listed in the first sentence. Login with your NetID and password.
  2. Choose the “Specific Purchase Order Lookup” link.
  3. Enter the seven-digit requisition number and click "Get Order Information".
  4. If a record appears, this indicates that the purchase order has already been issued and sent to the vendor, and is available for your to view electronically. The date listed in the record is the date that the order was released by Purchasing.
  5. To view further order detail, click "Get Record". This lists which Purchasing Agent the order was assigned to and will allow you to look at the individual items, any messages appearing on the order, actions performed on the order, or the vendor information.
  6. If no information appears, this indicates that the order has not yet been issued.