How To Find Information on the University's Tax Exempt Status

Purchasing and Accounting have developed a UW-Madison Tax Exempt Status Letter designed to answer inquiries concerning our tax exempt status. This letter is available for download as a Microsoft Word document. This form is used to send to entities questioning our tax exempt status and includes the University of Wisconsin’s ID numbers. Should it be required, a copy of the University of Wisconsin System Tax Exempt Certificate is also available as a Microsoft Word document.

Several states allow the University of Wisconsin System an exemption on their sales and use tax. For a list of participating states please visit the UW TravelWIse Portal and use the following navigation: Before You Go > Procedures & Operational Standards > Sales Tax Exemption > Obtaining Sales Tax Exemption from Other States. Be sure to carefully read the Restrictions/Procedures provided for each state in order to determine what specific commodities are eligible for tax exemption in each location.