How To Use Your MD Number At The University Book Store

  1. Pick one of your departments existing MD numbers or contact MDS Customer Service to establish a new MD number.
  2. When checking out at UBS, use the same registers that were used to make a purchase with a blanket order. There will be a sign stating that you can use your MD number at this register.
  3. Tell the cashier that you are making a University purchase using your MD number.
  4. The cashier will require the following information from the purchaser:
    a. I.D.(Campus I.D. or Drivers License).
    b. MD number
    c. Printed name of purchaser
    d. Signature of purchaser
    e. Department or Purchasers phone number
    f. Department name
  5. Purchaser will receive a receipt from UBS and is responsible for giving it to the person in their department who reconciles it against the statement from MDS.
  6. UBS will provide no other paper documentation, however; MDS will provide a paper statement once a month with line item detail of all that was ordered from UBS, including dates of the purchase, description of products, and a reference to the receipt number.
  7. A 10% discount will be applied against all purchases except commencement attire. MDS will ensure that no sales tax is applied.

University Book Store Contacts: Phone (608)257-3784
Maxine Helgerson (1st), Helen McCord (2nd), Kim Fredrickson (3rd)

UBS on Junction Rd, UBS on State St, UBS at Hilldale, UBS Digital Outpost on State St.

No new Blanket Orders with UBS will be created. Departments may use their procurement card for UBS purchases as an alternative to this process.