Forms and Letters For General Campus Use

Click on a form name to obtain the document in MS Word format. Please contact Purchasing Services with any questions pertaining to the appropriate use of the following documents. Forms for Purchasing Services internal use are available at the Agent Forms and Letters page. Forms for Accounting related functions can be found on the Accounting Services Forms page.

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Agreement Related Forms

  Form Description Related Pages
1. Purchases for Services Justification form

A form used to classify services being requested by a department.


If there are any Intellectual Property Ownership issues associated with an agreement or contract, complete this schedule and return to purchasing services.

PPP 19
IPP 31
2. Contract Details Form A document used to state the arrangements, scope, statement of work, deliverables, payment agreement, length of agreement for a service provided for the University. PPP 33
IPP 31
3. Bid Information for Accommodations / Conference Facilities A form to summarize the bidder information when staff obtain quotes for accommodations or conferences. IPP 51
4. Business Associate Contract A document to be used with a person or entity not affiliated with UW-Madison that performs or assists in performing, for or on behalf of any unit in the UW-Madison Health Care Component, business support functions/services that involve the use of Protected Health Information.  A health care provider that assists in providing treatment to patients is NOT considered a Business Associate.  For a list of possible Business Associates please refer to Exhibit A of the Managing Arrangements with Business Associates of the University of Wisconsin-Madison  Policy at  
5. Contract Compliance Commitment Letter A form which must be submitted to Purchasing Services to support the signing of legal documents, such as software license agreements or other specialized contracts. PPP4
6. Entertainment Contract A document used to state the arrangements and compensation for entertainment services provided at an event open to the public. PPP 30
IPP 24
7. Public Speaking Services Contract Contract for public speakers  
8. Rental/Lease Cover Sheet A cover sheet to be filled out by departments when submitting a contract to Purchasing for signature.  
9. Speaker Contract A document used to state the arrangements and compensation for services at a conference or symposium not open to the general public where a registration fee is charged to the conference attendees. PPP 30
IPP 24
10. Standard Rider A form to include when an Entertainer or Speaker presents their own contract for the University's signature. PPP 30
IPP 24
11. Workers Compensation Release of Liability A form to be signed by a sole proprietor performing work for us, releasing the University from workers compensation liability.  



  Form Description Related Pages
1. Complaint Report A form to report complaints pertaining to vendor / contractor performance and / or unsatisfactory service. How To Handle a Vendor Non-Performance Complaint
PPP 22
IPP 33


Inventory Related Forms

  Form Description Related Pages
1. Property Transaction Form This form is used to notify Property Control when equipment has been exchanged or repaired and there is a change in serial and/or model numbers. PPP 12
2. Return Materials Authorization (RMA) A form to return products to the vendor for repair, exchange or credit. For returning products to MDS or a prime vendor, see "How to Return Purchases to MDS" PPP 7


Printing Related

  Form Description Related Pages
1. Request for Purchase Approval of Graphic Equipment Needed to apply to the State Bureau of Procurement for the purpose of acquiring graphic equipment, with an estimated cost over $50,000, that is not currently on a statewide contract. PPP 4
IPP 26
2. Printing Press-Floor Standing, Application for Graphical Approval Application form for floor-standing printing press purchases, to be completed before acquiring a floor-standing printing press.

IPP 26


Requisition Related

  Form Description Related Pages
1. Emergency Transactions A form used to request same day processing for a requisition. PPP 19
IPP 59
ETR Form Instructions
2. Encumbrance and PO Management Form A form used to make changes to and/or close POs/encumbrances. Any changes to a PO should be submitted on this form to your Dean's office. Use the Remaining Encumbrance Status Tool in the Purchasing System Inquiry to gather information about your POs, including encumbrance balance, status (open or closed), and expenses from WISDM to complete the form.

Encumbrance and PO Management Form Instructions

Remaining Encumbrance Status Tool

3. External Requisition Generator

The External Requisition Generator is located in the Requisition and Number Generator Module on the Services tab in My UW. It is a web application intended for the use of UW-Madison faculty and staff to prepare requisitions.

Look over the step by step Requisition and Number Generator instructions, frequently asked questions, and help information.

All requisitions must be entered into the new external requisition generator. Requisitions must still be routed, signed, and edited according to your Dean's office policy.

Requisition Generator Instructions

How to Prepare an External Requisition

4. Non-Competitive Purchasing Request A form used to justify and document why the requested transaction cannot be purchased using a competitive process. PPP 19
5. Simplified Bid Sheet A summary sheet to outline information for processing transactions in the $5,000.00 to $49,999.00 range. PPP 16


Surplus Related

  Form Description Related Pages
1. Surplus Property Evaluation Form A form to be completed by departments to evaluate equipment / property they want to trade-in against a new purchase. PPP 18
IPP 54
IPP 200
2. SWAP Pick Up Request A form used to submit a request to SWAP for pick-up of surplus property. PPP 18
IPP 54
IPP 200


Tax Related

  Form Description Related Pages
1. Credit / Sales Tax Exempt Letter This letter explains the University's response to a request for a credit application and includes the tax exempt information and ID numbers. It may be used to respond to vendor inquiries. How To Find Information on the University's Tax Exempt Status

Sales Tax Exempt Certificate (Word Doc)

Sales Tax Exempt Certificate (PDF)

Actual scanned image of the tax exempt certificate, available as a Word document.

Actual scanned image of the tax exempt certificate, available as a PDF.

How To Find Information on the University's Tax Exempt Status

Sales Tax Exempt Status Letter / Substitute W-9

A Letter explaining UW-Madison's tax exempt status, including relevant ID numbers. This includes the tax exempt certificate and may be used to respond to vendor inquiries. How To Find Information on the University's Tax Exempt Status
IPP 51
4. UW System Tax Exempt Status Letter (PDF) This letter is intended for use in grant applications or as a response to specific requests from potential donors, estates, trusts and businesses inquiring about the tax exempt status of the University of Wisconsin System.  


Telecommunications or IT Approvals

  Form Description Related Pages
1. Information Technology Reviews (ITR) A form requesting approval for purchases exceeding $250,000.00 for administrative mainframe, major application software and IT services. PPP 4
IPP 26