How To Purchase Goods and Services at the University of Wisconsin - Madison

How to Purchase Goods and Services at UW-Madison Is it a grant subcontract? Emergency Transactions Can I Buy It Myself or Do I Need Purchasing Involvement? I Already Have It, How Do I Get It Paid? E-Commerce and Internal Services

Please choose from the following needs for more information on purchasing goods and services at UW-Madison:

  1. Can I buy it myself or do I need Purchasing's involvement?
  2. Can it be provided by one of our E-Commerce vendors or internally?
  3. I need to process an Emergency Transaction
  4. I need cash to pay for certain expenses
  5. I have a grant subcontract, which rules and procedures do I need to follow?
  6. I already have the item, how do I pay for it?

The procedures presented on these pages are general campus policies. Your division or department may have alternate or additional rules and these instructions are not meant to supercede any that are put forth by your area of campus. Please feel free to contact Purchasing Services with any questions you may have regardless of the dollar amount of the goods or services you wish to procure.

For further How-To information relating to all campus business processes, see the Business Services How-To Pages.