Approved Driver Database

Click here to view the Approved Driver Database.

This database contains the entire list of drivers for the UW-Madison campus who are approved to drive on University business, including faculty and staff, students, and volunteers.

The database can be queried by using the division and department accounting code, as in 'A' (Madison campus), '03' (Business Services), '7300' (Risk Management), i.e. 'A037300'. The program also works using a portion there-of, such as 'A03' or 'A0373'.

The database can also be queried by entering a name, and again, you may just use a portion, if correct spelling is a concern. The name must appear exactly the way it was entered, but it will search on just a portion, i.e. "Simonson" could be found using "Simon". The entry convention is 'last name, first name middle initial' - as in 'Smith, John Q' .

Remember that student authorizations are never entered for more than a year, and are purged at the beginning of each month. Even though a student was once approved, their approval will be deleted, if not renewed.

Faculty and Staff will not normally have an expiration date, however, TE's are approved for a maximum of two years at a time. If they remain on payroll beyond their expiration date and continue to have a need to drive, they must re-submit a driver request form.

A date will appear under the van column if a driver is approved to drive large vans. This date represents the date in which they took the van training class. It should be noted that DOA Fleet does not recognize van training longer than three years ago. We urge people to refresh their course if they continue to need to drive the large vans.

It is the employing department's responsibility to notify our office of terminated or retiring employees, on a regular basis. Specific questions on this program may be directed to Debbie Beich.