Approved Driver Database

To view and confirm approved UW-Madison authorized drivers go to Enterprise Fleet Management System (EFMS). Search Under Reports in the top menu, select Driver Summary and begin the appropriate search. One may search by name or UDDS; however, the search will only return UW System drivers.

This database contains the entire list of drivers for the UW-Madison campus who are approved to drive on University business, including faculty and staff, students, and volunteers.

Note - to gain access to the EFMS, one must have created a portal. If you have not yet created a portal, you will be prompted to do so upon your first visit to EFMS. Follow the instructions provided.

Student and Volunteer authorizations are never entered for more than a year. Even though a student was once approved, their approval will expire, if not renewed, within one year.

Faculty and Staff will not normally have an automatic expiration date; however, TE's are approved for a maximum of two years at a time. If they remain on payroll beyond their expiration date and continue to have a need to drive, they must re-submit a driver requst form. FTE's that are permanent out of state/Canadian employees will be authorized for up to 1 year, and then must renew. FTE's that are holding out of state/Canadian licenses will be authorized for six months to obtain their WI licenses and not renewed until WI licenses are secured.

All drivers are evaluated monthly and any individual no longer meeting our driver criteria will be deactivated with notification to employee and supervisor.

14 Passenger Bus Drivers
In the EFMS Reports section there will be a Y/N statement in the certified van column if a driver is approved to drive 14 passenger buses and a date in which they completed the training in the following column.

Note - UW-Madison Fleet does not recognize van training longer than three years. Drivers must refresh their course every three (3) years if they continue to need to drive the 14 passenger bus.

It is the employing department's responsiblity to notify the Risk Management Office of terminated or retiring employees on a regular basis. Specific questions on this program may be direct to Debbie Beich, 608/262-8926.