Automobile Coverage

Physical damage (commonly known as collision and comprehensive) coverage is provided on most University vehicles, subject to a $1,000 deductible, effective 07/01/2013, through the State's property program. Theft with no force would be a $2500 deductible and there is no deductible on auto glass, as long as the State's auto glass contract is used. Click on this link for State Auto Glass program.

Liability coverage is provided through the State's liability program, and provides coverage for all approved drivers in the course and scope of their employment. Employee injuries while in a motor vehicle are covered under Workers Compensation. Non-employees must rely on their own health insurance to take care of any auto accident related injuries, unless the accident is the fault of a University driver - in which case, the University will be responsible. Since state vehicles do not have "medical payments" coverage, spouses, relatives, etc. are not authorized to ride with a University employee. All passengers in University vehicles must be on official University business.

Group Travel: When using multiple fleet vehicles to travel to one destination, DO NOT drive the vehicles in a single file 'convoy'. Often, the fleet has experienced 'double damage' due to two fleet vehicles being involved in a collision with each other. This also makes it very difficult for a group to continue travel if that is desired after a collision. Always maintain adequate following distance to all traffic based on conditions; never drive fleet vehicles so close together that other traffic is unable to merge and flow in between. A group that attempts to drive in a convoy will foster the impulse for reckless or overly aggressive driving and road rage in order to prevent other traffice from disrupting the convoy, and needlessly risk the lives and property of vehicle occupants. This is not permitted.

All automobile accidents should be reported to the UW-Madison Risk Management office within 24 hours or, in the case of injury, as soon as possible by phone. In addition to reporting the accident to this office, the local law enforcement agency should always be notified. A packet of materials, including an incident report form and instructions on what to do in case of an accident, should be found in the glove box of the vehicle. The driver should use the Auto Accident Report to record the details of the accident while they are fresh. The form should then be forwarded (or brought in person) to the Risk Management office at 21 N. Park Street, Suite 6101. The report will be reviewed for completeness and any questions the driver has can be answered at that time. Our office will proceed to thoroughly investigate the accident and handle any damages to the property of others, injury to others or damages to University property.  All claims and questions should be directed to Debbie Beich.

When renting a vehicle, the insurance is included in the rate - as long as you rent under the UW's contract providers. For more information, contact the UW Madison Travel Web Site. It is important to remember when renting a vehicle that other rates may seem cheaper, but they do not automatically include insurance, so that must be factored into your evaluation. If a contract vendor is not available you must purchase physical damage insurance at the time of the rental. If you are renting a vehicle abroad, you must purchase physical damage and liability insurance at the time of the rental. Vehicles rented locally may be listed with our office for physical damage coverage; in order to do so we need the make, model, serial # and value, and destination, as well as the dates you will be using the vehicle. Liability protection is automatic for local and domestic rentals, as long as the driver is listed on our Approved Driver Database and the vehicle is being used exclusively on University business. You must contact our office before the vehicle is driven away from the vendor's lot.

Departments who wish to lease a vehicle must contact our office for insurance coverage, which is not provided under the leasing contract and must be arranged through our office. Leasing assistance is available through Purchasing Services.