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Risk Management
21 N Park St, Ste 5301
Madison WI 53715-1218
FAX # (608) 262-9082

Jeff Karcher
Director of Risk Management

Verification of insurance coverage, determination of appropriate contract hold harmless/indemnification language, and other general risk management questions.

Certificate of Insurance - Liability/Workers' Compensation/Property Instructions:
1)Under "Issued To:" type the name and address of who is requesting the certificate.
2)Forward the completed form to Risk Management at: Please include the exact wording of "why" the certificate is needed for this entity. Risk Management will review and sign. Please allow up to 3 weeks for processing.
3)When the form is returned to the department, keep a copy for your records.
4)Mail approved form to interested parties.

The following word document can be used without additional input from Risk Management for programs that require participants to sign personal Waivers for participation. Download the form and customize the red areas to your needs.  The rest of the document should not be changed without consulting with Risk Management:

Personal Waivers/Releases


Margaret Hoffman
Assistant Risk Manager

Liability and Property Coverage Questions and Claims, Fund 999/claim reimbursements.


Debbie Beich
Assistant Risk Manager

Auto Coverage Questions and Claims, Pilot Approvals, Camps and Clinics, Special Events Insurance, Vendor Certificates of Insurance, Driver Authorizations/Vehicle Use Agreements, and CISI and Europ Assistance Insurance.