It is a requirement that all authorized drivers complete a Vehicle Use Authorization and be approved to drive by the Office of Risk Management before driving any University/State-owned vehicle or any other vehicle on official University business.

Driver authorization approval confirms an agency relationship between the driver and the University.

Driver Authorization approval results in liability protection for faculty/staff, students, TE's and volunteers while driving in the course and scope of their assigned University duties or responsibilities. See Fleet Driver and Management Policies and Procedures for additional details on insurance coverages.

Approved drivers are added to the Approved Driver Database database as follows:

  • Faculty/Staff - indefinitely, however if you hold an out-of-state license, authorization expires after six months. Drivers will not be re-approved until a Wisconsin license is obtained. Permanent out of state drivers will be approved for 1 year and must re-apply annually.
  • Temporary Employees (TE's) - maximum of two years.
  • Students/Volunteers - maximum of one year or duration of a trip.
  • Honorary Associates/Fellows must apply as Volunteers - maximum of one year.
  • Emeritus Status must apply as Volunteers - maximum of one year.

Note - all driver records are checked monthly.

To complete the driver authorization - individuals are to go to Department of Administration/Enterprise Fleet Management System (EFMS). Follow instructions in the EFMS UW Portal User Guide to complete VUA process. NOTE: UW-Madison requires that you list the name and email of the person the driver reports directly to or, the program administrator or, the faculty advisor (for Registered Student Orgs only).

If you have any questions, please contact Debbie Beich.

Once VUA process is completed your record will be reviewed against established driver authorization criteria* by UW-Madison Risk Management. Applicants will be notified of approval/denial within 10 business days.

Full VUA form must be completed and submitted through the Enterprise Fleet Management System (EFMS) by each individual requesting to drive for university business.

Supervisor/Department has directed and authorized you to drive. The purpose for driving must be for official University business as determined by your Supervisor/Department. Contact Risk Management with questions.

*The established driver authorization criteria includes:

    • Must have a valid driver’s license. Note - per Wisconsin Law new residents to Wisconsin must obtain a WI driver’s license within 60 days of residence. See for details. 
    • Drivers from Other Countries: The only acceptable international driving permit is from Canada. Any driver who has an out-of-country license or permit and is requesting approval to drive on University business must pursue a Wisconsin driver’s license within 60 days of establishing residency.
    • Must have a minimum of two years licensed driving experience.
    • Must be at least eighteen (18) years of age.
    • Met all driving record standards. In summary authorization to drive University vehicles will be denied if a driving record reflects any of the following:
      • Three or more moving violations and/or at-fault accidents in the past two years.
      • Six or more points (Students/Volunteers)
      • Seven or more points (Faculty/Staff or TE's)
      • Points are assessed according to Wisconsin Department of Transportation point system. Risk Management assesses points for two years from the violation/accident date. This includes out-of-state violations/accidents. You may obtain a current copy of the point value assessment at, please click on download BDS108.
    • An Operating While Intoxicated (OWI), Driving Under the Influence (DUI), or Blood Alcohol Content (BAC) violation within the past year,
    • Reckless driving violation within past year,
    • License has been reinstated for less than one year after revocation.
    • In addition to the above, out of state residents and driver's that have obtained a WI license but were licensed in another US State or Canada during the previous 24 months, must submit a copy of their out of State Driver’s License (WI license copies are not needed) and Driving Abstract from their respective state for evaluation by Risk Management. Note these are to be uploaded during the on-line VUA process. We do recommend individuals obtain their driving abstract directly from their respective State DMV. However, to address the fact some States have a longer waiting period, we will accept abstracts from established commercial providers as long as they have the equivalent information required for us to evaluate the individual's driving record. This may vary by State but the abstract submitted to Risk Management must confirm items such as the driver's identity, license number, license status, including their driving record with details on: traffic accidents, traffic violations, driver license suspensions, driver license revocations, driver license cancellations, etc.
    • UW Employees needing to confirm an individual's driver authorization status may do so by searching the EFMS database.


To renew your driver authorization, the Driver Authorization Renewal "How To" provides details and instructions.


All students should watch the four YouTube videos, which applies specifically to UW-Madison. There is also a two-page test of knowledge that departments should consider requiring before signing the authorization request.



  • Drivers of 14 passenger busses are required to attend a driver training course. For course information see 14 Passenger Bus Driver Training . There is no allowable use of 12/15 passenger vans.