Liability Program

The State's Self-funded Liability Program provides coverage against claims made as the result of the negligent acts of University officers, employees and agents. Negligence may be defined as the failure to act as a reasonable person would have under the same or similar circumstances. In order for a claim to exist, the negligence must have caused property damage or injury to a person.

The State's liability protection is afforded under Wisconsin Statute 895.46 (1) and extends to all employees in the course and scope of their duties. It also extends to agents or volunteers, including students completing required clinical experiences.

Here are links to the volunteer letter and fact sheet, for use with adult volunteers to the University.  Both should be provided to adult volunteers before they begin their services.
Volunteer Letter
Volunteer Fact Sheet

If a department becomes aware of a potential claim, they should contact our office to report the situation. Our office will do an investigation and proceed to handle the claim. Be aware that there are specific guidelines for the filing of claims against employees, officers and agents of the State, which are spelled out in Wisconsin Statute 893.82. The Office of the Attorney General defends claims brought against the State. Please note that liability protection is not for injuries to UW personnel, but for injury to others, or damage to their property, caused by the negligent acts of our employees and agents.

Liability protection is also extended to Approved Drivers, when driving a vehicle on University business while in the course and scope of employment. When driving their personal vehicle on University business, the State protection applies only on an excess basis - the owner's personal coverage is primary.