UW-Madison Non-Employee Injuries/Illnesses Reporting

For all Non-UW-MADISON employee injuries report incident to building management and complete the Non-Employee Accident/Injury Report. Contact 608-262-0379 for assistance on this form. Submit completed forms to UW-Madison Office of Risk Management, 21 N. Park Street, Suite 5301, fax 608-262-9082, or email to riskmgmt@bussvc.wisc.edu within 48 hours of incident. Note if your campus unit already has an equivalent reporting form that may be utilized in place of this form.

For all emergencies call 911.

Please note - UW-MADISON/State of Wisconsin does not cover students, volunteers, visitors or other non-employees under health, accident, disability, worker’s compensation or other related insurance programs. UW-MADISON recommends these groups obtain appropriated insurance coverage. University Health Services offers the Student Health Insurance Program to UW-MADISON students along with other student services.

For employee injuries occurring within scope of employment, see UW-Madison Worker’s Compensation site for instructions.