Risk Management Forms

Certificate of insurance - Liability/Workers' Compensation/Property
1) Under "Issued To:" type the name and address of who is requesting the certificate.
2) Forward the completed form to Risk Management at: riskmgmt@bussvc.wisc.edu. Please include the exact wording of "why" the certificate is needed for this entity. Risk Management will review and sign. Please allow up to 3 weeks for processing.
3) When the form is returned to the department, keep a copy for your records.
4) Mail approved form to interested parties.

Lightening Affidavit

Non-Employee Accident/Incident Report

Personal Waivers/Releases

Pre-Hire Driving Record Check

Property Loss Report

Request for Art Exhibit Coverage

Student Trip Itinerary Form

Study Abroad Policy and Claim Form

Study Abroad Enrollment Form

Vehicle Accident/Incident Report

Volunteer Driver Form

Volunteer Fact Sheet

Volunteer Letter