Risk Management

The Office of Risk Management has responsibility for preserving the human and physical assets of the university. We rely on departmental assistance to preserve those assets within their control, correct situations where possible, alert us to hazards that need attention and report all incidents and potential claims when they occur. Risk Management involves identifying, evaluating and controlling loss exposures to minimize the adverse effects of unpredictable events and assist departments in their recovery efforts.

These are the areas in which our office is involved:

  • Automobile Coverage is actually a combination of the state's self-funded property program for the collision and comprehensive damage, and the state's self-funded liability program for injury or property damage to a third party or entity.
  • Camps and Clinics Special Medical Insurance is a program that provides accidental injury protection for youth programs administered by campus departments.
  • Campus Facilities Use Policies and Guidelines are a resource for users of campus facilities and cite not only the rules and regulations regarding such usage, but also provide helpful information for those of you planning events. Included in all of this are the various insurance guidelines for events.
  • Contractual Liability - our office is available to review insurance clauses in contracts, and provide you with evidence of the University's insurance, in the form of a Certificate of Insurance or a letter explaining our coverage. Our office can also prepare waiver forms for your use, and can discuss your liability concerns relating to departmental programming.
  • Driver Authorization is the process of reviewing driver qualifications and driver records. When approved, the driver's names will appear in the Approved Driver Database. To learn more, please review the database instructions.
  • Drones - Use on Campus.
  • EUROP Assistance is a travel assistance insurance program (not health insurance) which is automatic for all faculty and staff traveling abroad on University business.
  • International Health Insurance is a program of health insurance required for all students involved in academic pursuits while out of the country. This program is also available to faculty and staff involved in educational pursuits, while on University business. Please refer to this web site for further information.
  • Liability Program provides protection for the negligence of our officers, employees and agents, while in the course and scope of their duties.
  • Property Program provides physical damage insurance for campus buildings, contents, and moveable property including items in transit, art exhibits, borrowed and newly acquired property. We also administer all property claims.
  • Risks of Off Campus Classes is a document which raises various issues to consider before making a decision to hold classes off-campus, including field trips.
  • Special Events Liability Insurance is a System-wide insurance program that allows event sponsors to purchase insurance on an event basis.
  • Student Risk Management Information is specifically targeted at students and answers questions relating to health insurance, accidents on campus, liability and use of automobiles for University business.
  • Vendor Certificates of Insurance is an online program that allows you to determine the viability of any vendor your department might wish to do business with. This website will tell you whether a specific vendor currently meets the University's insurance requirements for high-risk vendors. To learn more, please review the Certificates database instructions.
  • Worker's Compensation provides benefits under the Wisconsin Worker's Compensation Act for employees who suffer an accidental injury or occupational disease arising out of and in the course of employment by the University.