User Guide

Step by Step User Guide (four-page PDF with screen shots)

Quick Start How To

  1. Access the application at or click on the button image below.
    Update Default Funding
  2. Select the appropriate campus from the list and click the "Select" option. Enter your user ID and password specific to your campus to login.  At UW-Madison, this is your NetID (also used to login to My UW).
  3. Read the disclaimer carefully. Once you have finished, choose the "I understand..." option and click the "Continue" button.
  4. Enter your parent account (to work with multiple accounts at once) or MD number and click "Continue" to begin.
  5. The MD number, account name, contact, UW System campus, and default funding will appear for the Shop@UW account(s) you have chosen.  To change the default funding associated with an account, check the box to the left of the MD number, enter the new valid funding string in the boxes below your account information and click "Assign Default Funding to all checked MDS Accounts."
  6. Once the new funding is entered, the change will be reflected in the table. Be sure to check that the account was updated successfully by looking for the status shown above you MD number.
  7. To continue click on the "Enter new Parent Account or MD#" link to choose a different account to update.
  8. For changes related to contact name or address information please contact Customer Service either by phone at 608-497-4400 (800/662-1727) or by email at

Default Funding User Guide