Gas Cylinder Pick-Up Request

Helpful Information


Confused about where to place your empties? Contact your building manager to locate the designated area.

To order a new gas cylinder, login to Shop@UW  and select Airgas.

Review the new Alcohol Barrel Pick-up Request webpage.

To ensure timely pick-up of your cylinders, please do the following:

  1. Place your cylinders in the designated area of your loading dock. If your building does not have a loading dock, place the cylinders in the designated area of your building.
  2. Mark your cylinders "Empty".
  3. Place a cap on the cylinder. If the cylinder does not have a cap, we cannot pick it up.
    • It is the responsibility of the cylinder gas user to retain the threaded cap that comes with a cylinder. Gas cylinder caps are required by the Wisconsin Department of Transportation, DOT, when moving cylinders by truck.
    • If a cap is lost you may order a replacement from Shop@UW.
  4. Download the Gas Cylinder Pick-Up Request Form (MSWord format) linked here.
    • All the fields on the form are required for the form to be processed.
    • Save the completed form as PDF or print and scan the completed form.
    • Email the completed form to


Gas Cylinder Pick-Up Request