***ATTENTION: MDS made changes in March 2017 to the MDS portion of the Pre-Allocation Tool (PAT). Users must be authorized before they are given access to use the tool. If you require access please contact Shop@UW Customer service directly at (608) 497-4400 or shopuw@bussvc.wisc.edu. Please be sure to include your name, NetID, and MD# to ensure efficient processing of your request.***

PAT User Guides and Training

Training for PAT


Face-to-face training sessions are available at 21 N Park St by registering online through OHRD.

Quick Start How To

1. Choose the "Pre-posting Allocation Tool (PAT)" link from the Tools menu on this website.  Click on the login button located in the left navigation. Select your campus from the UW System authentication hub and follow the steps for logging in at your campus.

2. Enter your parent account (to work with multiple accounts at once) or MD number and click "Show Customer List" to begin.

3. Check the MD number(s) that you want to view and reallocate.  All current transactional activity for the month will be available.  There are three ways to reallocate:

  • Choose "Assign a single funding string to many invoices" to make changes that don't require splits.  Check all invoices of interest, then enter the new funding and click "Assign funding to all checked invoices".  You can change any part of the funding string, but the whole string must be entered and only one funding may be assigned per invoice.  You may continue to check invoices and reallocate funding until finished.  Clicking the invoice number, such as CE20326205701, shows the item level detail.
  • Choose "Assign many funding strings to many invoices" to split more than one invoice with the same percentage splits. Check the MD number or numbers that you would like to work with and select the "Assign many funding strings to many invoices" button. Select the invoices to reallocate by clicking on each check box next to the line number. Once the invoices are checked, type valid funding distributions in the set of text boxes under "Option 1". Begin by assigning the percentage split to each funding line and be sure to click "Save Split" before moving on to the next funding. You may enter as many splits as you like, as long as they total 100%. When finished, click "Assign funding to all checked invoices".
  • Choose "Reallocate funding one invoice at a time" to split fund (i.e. assign more than one funding string to) an invoice.  Click the invoice number to be split.  Click "Edit" and enter the funding string and choose "Update" to save.  You can enter either a dollar amount or percentage and the other will be calculated for you.  Enter funding lines until the total is reached and no "difference" remains at the bottom.  Be sure to click "Save Split" after entering each additional line.  Choose "Go back to Invoice List" to split another invoice.

4. Choose "Go back to customer list" at the bottom of the screen or "Logout" in the upper right if finished.

5. Choose "Select new Account" to continue with another MD number or "Logout" in the upper right if finished.


PAT User Guides and Training