Known Browser Issues

Click on the heading to reveal the topics for the section. Please note that JavaScript must be enabled for many of the web features to work for Shop@UW. Click on the following links to find information about enabling JavaScript in the different browsers: Mozilla (Firefox), Internet Explorer, Chrome, and Safari.

Staples Punch-out Browser Issues (added 12/20/2016)

The Shop@UW customer service team continues to receive calls from users who cannot access the Staples punch-out. Users report that they see another Staples login message screen instead of the expected shopping landing page after they click on the Staples icon.

The Staples technical support team has determined that this is a browser issue and they have offered the following advice:

  • Clear the browser cookies and cache to remove old URL's to old Staples sites. Find information about clearing cookies and cache on the web or contact your department's IT support team.
  • Add the URL,, to the browser's trusted sites in the privacy settings.
  • Contact your department's IT support if you have questions about configuring your browser(s).
  • Close the browser that shows the error and use another browser to access the Staples punch-out via Shop@UW.

Please contact the Shop@UW customer service team if you have any questions or concerns.

Recommended Browsers

Users may receive a message that their browser is no longer supported when trying to enter the Shop@UW storefront. Please update to one of the supported browser versions listed below:

  • Windows
    • Internet Explorer (IE) Only Version 11
    • Edge — With Windows 10 platform
    • Chrome — latest version — automatically updated by Google
    • Firefox — latest version — automatically updated by Mozilla
    • Opera 10 and higher
  • Macintosh
    • Safari 4.0 and higher
    • Firefox — latest version — automatically updated by Mozilla
  • iPad
    • Safari — embedded browser within the iPad


  • Effective January 2016 Microsoft supports only Internet Explorer browser version IE11. In keeping with SciQuest policy to support only browsers that are supported by the vendor, SciQuest supports only browser version IE11 of Internet Explorer; see
  • iPad is supported for Shop@UW, however not all Supplier punch-out sites will support use of this device.
  • Although Safari is supported for Shop@UW, not all Supplier punch-out sites support this browser.

Open Only One Browser Window at a Time While Shopping

Error states: "The application was unable to route the session back to the login page."

unable to route session back to the login page error

  • The error occurs when the user has had more than one instance of Shop@UW open and attempts to continue shopping after closing or exiting shopping the extra browser windows.
  • Since the user has actually logged out of the system when the extra windows were closed, the system has closed all sessions. The user must log into Shop@UW again to continue shopping.

Insecure Content Is Blocked for Punch-out Suppliers (Dell Security Warning)

Please review the different ways to configure browsers to accept blocked web content. Note that this is an individual browser setting that must be configured on the user's PC.

Internet Explorer

(Update for 5/20/2014)Please note: Dell recently made some improvements that has solved many browser compatibility issues for UW-Madison shoppers. However, IE users may still see a popup box that asks the user to click on a button to "Show content." The message box and button appear at the bottom of the web page. A PDF is available that outlines how to work around this issue.

IE Security Warning for IE8Security Warning - If you receive a security warning when punching out to a supplier's web site (Dell or EIS Office Solutions) while using Internet Explorer on Windows, click on "No." If clicking on "Yes" or, to avoid seeing the warning in the future, please review the following instructions: Security Warning in Internet Explorer (PDF).

Insecure Content Allowedinsecure content allowed button for IE 9 and IE 10

IE9 and IE10 on Windows 7 users who try to access some punch out suppliers (Dell, EIS Office Solutions, and SHI) must click on a button at the bottom of the browser window to allow insecure content to load into the browser window. The IE button window closes on its own so users may miss the opportunity to click it. The browser window will open, however, the browser window is missing formatting and key search fields where the user enters item numbers to add to the shopping cart. Exit the punch-out supplier and click the punch-out supplier sticker again.


NOTICE: With the most recent version of Google Chrome, 34.0.1847.116 m, the Chrome Shield option to "Load unsafe script" no longer allows a Supplier's Punchout site with unsecured content to display. Instead the user will see a gray/blank screen or the punch-out supplier's web site will fail to load content. Please use another browser, Internet Explorer, Firefox, or Safari, when shopping at the Dell or other punch-out suppliers.


Later versions of Chrome would flag pages with insecure content. Shop@UW is able to successfully establish a connection and re-direct to the supplier's site; however, the user will notice a shield icon located on the far right side of the URL bar which indicates the page includes scripts from unauthenticated resources.

  1. Click on the shield icon.
    Chrome browser with shield in URL bar

  2. Click on the “Load unsafe script” text link in the dropdown box that opens.
  3. The browser window remains unresponsive until the user completes steps one and two or exits the punch-out web page.

Google has issued additional information that outlines this functionality at this helpful link:


Firefox - unblocking contentWithin the Firefox address bar, at the left side of the screen is a shield icon. Failure to click on the shield will result in a non-responsive browser window.

  1. Click on the shield icon.
  2. A menu labeled "Keep Blocking" will drop down.
  3. Select the option "Disable Protection on This Page" to restore the content to the browser window.

Remove IE Pop-up Message When Checking Out or Exiting Shopping

Some users may receive a pop-up message when exiting Shop@UW to complete their order. Please review the instructions, "Pop-up Message in Internet Explorer" (PDF).

Shipping Address Screen Error Message

"JavaScript enabled in browser" error message.

Some users receive an "Error Information" screen after clicking on the "Send Order" button in the Shop@UW store lobby order confirmation screen. Please verify that Javascript is enabled on your browser.

Slow Browser Performance

  • Users who experience excessively slow browser performance when trying to access punch-out suppliers should contact Shop@UW customer service at (608) 497-4400 and report the problem.
  • Slow browser performance may be experienced when accessing the Bio-Rad punch-out with IE8 and IE9 on Windows XP - 30 seconds (or more) wait time for web page to fully load.

Allow Cookies to Access Punch-out Suppliers When Using Safari and Firefox

Cookie settings in Safari and Firefox may prevent users from making purchases from punch-out supplier sites. If you are encountering this issue, please follow these step:

  1. For Firefox (see also, click on the dropdown icon and choose “Options”
    Select Options from the dropdown menu in Firefox.
  2. For Safari, click on the wheel/gear icon and choose “Preferences”
    Select the Preferences option from the dropdown menu in Safari.
  3. Select “Privacy”
  4. For Firefox, click on the “Accept third-party cookies” dropdown and select “Always” or “From visited.” The user may also customize the settings from the “Exceptions…” option.
    Set allow cookies to always or from visited in Firefox.
  5. For Safari, click “Never” in the “Block cookies” section. The user may also customize the settings from the “Details…” option.
    Set block cookies to never in Safari.


Known Browser Issues