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Punch-Out Catalog Supplier

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Non-Catalog Suppliers


After a user types in a keyword search for a particular item using the "Shop at the Top" feature, they can compare two or more listed items using the Compare link located beneath the "Add to Cart" button. Users can compare an unlimited number of items, but will eventually have to scroll their screen in order to view all items.


Saved list of commonly purchased products. It is encouraged that you save your favorites into categories of items (ie "Office Supplies"). Quantities for products can be saved, as well.

  • Personal Favorites

    Favorites saved to a personal MD account. Only users of the MD account can view this list. Once an item is saved to personal favorites and you have named it, you can search that name in the future using the "Shop at the Top" feature.
  • Shared Favorites

    Favorites shared between all users in a certain business unit or university.


Shows a user's past orders or carts. You can refine your history search by utilizing the "Advanced Search" options.

Hosted Catalog

Electronic supplier catalog providing product listings set at university prices. Users can compare products between hosted suppliers by utilizing the 'Shop at the Top' feature.

Punch-Out Catalog

Redirects users out to a supplier's external website to purchase products. Each business unit or university decides which items appear on the homepage of a supplier's punch out site. Once a purchase has been made, users will be brought back into the Shop@UW storefront to view their cart. Users can cancel punch-out sessions at any time.

Recently Completed Order

A recently completed order is when you have checked out, filled out all of your shipping information, received the order confirmation message and been assigned a PVX number. An order is viewed as a purchase order.

Shop at the Top

Function in Shop@UW that allows users to search for an item across all hosted suppliers using the “Shop & Compare” box at the top of the screen.

Shopping Cart

Current list of items to eventually be purchased by a user. Users can update and maintain multiple carts at one time.

  • Active Cart

    Cart that is currently being updated, added to or modified.
  • Pending Cart

    Cart that has items in it that have not yet been purchased, but that is not currently being updated.
  • Recently Checked Out Cart

    Recently checked out cart means that you have shopped at Shop@UW, proceeded to the checkout, and been redirected to the final Shop@UW cart in the main store lobby. This order can still be updated as it has not yet been officially placed. A cart is viewed as a requisition.

Supplier Showcase

Area of main Shop@UW page where all suppliers, both hosted and punch out, are listed.

UW-Madison Preferred Products

These items, denoted with a red star, have been standardized to support the work of the Administrative Excellence initiative at UW-Madison.

Welcome Box

Box located on the left side of the Shop@UW supplier showcase screen. It is in this box that business units and universities can customize important messages for their users.

Glossary of Terms