Policies & Procedures

Please visit the Purchasing Services website for Purchasing Policies and Procedures.


If you have questions regarding our policies that have not been addressed on this page, please contact Customer Service: (608) 497-4400.

The following include instructions for ordering from Shop@UW, and our pricing, return, and UPS policies.

Return Policy

The Shop@UW return policy is explained on the Return Policy web page.

Daily Cylinder Rental

The Shop@UW Daily Cylinder Rental Charges policy is outlined on the webpage, Daily Cylinder Rental Charges.

Pricing Policy

Prices charged by Shop@UW will be equal to or less than those charged by private businesses offering comparable quality products and delivery service.

Price comparison studies are done periodically to check if our pricing is competitive. While we cannot guarantee a fixed selling price, we will offer the lowest possible price. Please call our Customer Service department at (608) 497-4400 for questions or comments.

Billing and Invoicing

Regular orders filled from Shop@UW inventory are charged to your account when the order is entered in our system. Customers that are billed with physical invoices will receive a monthly invoice or statement sent out the second week of every month. Customers that are billed electronically will not receive a paper invoice or statement every month. If you are billed electronically, transaction reports can be extracted by a specific date range or, month and year,  within the “Transactions” link in the Shop@UW lobby. If you need further assistance contact 608-497-4400.

Backorders are billed to your account when the merchandise has arrived from the vendor and the backorder has been processed. Backorders are automatically sent and do not require reordering unless it was noted on the original packing slip to do so.

Special/Non-Stock Item Orders are charged to your account when the vendor's invoice is received and the merchandise has been sent.

Privacy Policy

Shop@UW is a division of the University of Wisconsin-Madison and is an agency of the State of Wisconsin. Shop@UW abides by all State Statutes in regards to open record requests.

UPS Policy - Customer Information for UPS Package Pick-Up

1. A piece of paper must be attached to the package and completed with the following information:

  • MD account number
  • Date
  • Department name and address
  • Number of packages being sent
  • Ship-to address in the body of the form including the full street address (no P.O. Box) and zip code
  • Name of contact person
  • Telephone number of the contact person on the bottom
  • Additional insurance needed (only first $100 is free)
  • How it is to be shipped (ground, next day air, second day air, three day select, etc.)

2. All packages must be labeled!

3. Absolutely no hazardous shipments are to be sent through Shop@UW.

4. Shop@UW does not ship collect packages.

5. Call Shop@UW at (608) 497-4400 to notify us of a package pick-up.

*You can set up an account with UPS directly by following the steps provided in the How To document, "How To Obtain Shipping Services at UW-Madison."

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