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Staples PUnch-out Browser Issues

The Shop@UW customer service team continues to receive calls from users who cannot access the Staples punch-out. Users report that they see another Staples login message screen instead of the expected shopping landing page after they click on the Staples icon.


The Staples technical support team has determined that this is a browser issue and they have offered the following advice:

  • Clear the browser cookies and cache to remove old URL's to old Staples sites. Find information about clearing cookies and cache on the web or contact your department's IT support team.
  • Add the URL,, to the browser's trusted sites in the privacy settings.
  • Contact your department's IT support if you have questions about configuring your browser(s).
  • Close the browser that shows the error and use another browser to access the Staples punch-out via Shop@UW.


Please contact the Shop@UW customer service team if you have any questions or concerns.

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