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Shopping on the Shop@UW Punch-out VS. the Supplier’s “.com”

(April 2016) When you enter the Shop@UW ordering site, have you ever wondered whether you are using a punch-out supplier? When you use the “Shop at a Punch-out Supplier Site” supplier stickers on Shop@UW, you navigate to a website specifically for and prepared by the supplier for Shop@UW. The punch-out stickers on Shop@UW have a small icon in the upper-right corner—a small rectangle with an up arrow—indicating that the shopper will navigate to the punch-out. You can be assured that the items you find on the punch-out are State of Wisconsin and/or UW-Madison contracted items at contract prices. So, how do you know if you are shopping on a Shop@UW punch-out site rather than the supplier’s “.com” or consumer ecommerce site? Here are some tips to know if you are in a punch-out catalog.

The punch-out website contains information in the top banner that identifies the site as a punch-out. For example, the Fisher Scientific Shop@UW punch-out contains several clues: 1) in the URL; 2) “Shop@UW Connection to Punch-out Supplier Web Site” in the top banner; 3) “Cancel Connection to Punch-out Supplier Web Site” button in the top banner and; 4) “U of Wisc Punc…” indicated in the “Your Account” dropdown. Please review the comparison images taken from the Fisher Scientific Shop@UW punch-out (Fig. 1) and the consumer website (Fig. 2) shown below.

Fig. 1 illustrates the Fisher Scientific Shop@UW Punch-out.
Illustrates the Fisher Scientific Shop@UW Punch-out

Fig. 2 illustrates

One important note about the difference between Shop@UW hosted catalogs and punch-out suppliers is that items found on the punch-out websites will not show up in the Shop@UW search results window when an item number, key word description, or a manufacturer part number is entered in the Shop & Compare field in the Shop@UW shopping home page in the storefront. Shoppers that have questions about the differences between Shop@UW hosted catalogs, punch-out suppliers, and other functions should contact the Shop@UW customer service staff; see the Contact Shop@UW at for contact information.

Additional information about hosted supplier catalogs and punch-out suppliers at

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New Way to Order Products from the UW-Madison MDS Warehouse

(May 2015) There has been a change to how Shop@UW shoppers order “locally stocked products” that are warehoused at the MDS facility in Verona, Wisconsin. These locally stocked products consist of items from categories such as paper products, janitorial supplies, laboratory supplies, office supplies, maps and guides. These products are now found using the same interface as is used to shop at external suppliers. Shoppers will need to use a slightly different navigation in order to find and purchase these same products. Use the "View Favorites" link to quickly find the MDS Warehouse - Locally Stocked Products Shared Favorites folders.

MDS Warehouse View Favorites

Please review this web page in order to learn more about this change.

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The Magic Number: Purchase Order Number

(04/22/2015)A number that lets us communicate about your order with any of our vendors is the purchase order number.

Purchase order number.

Every order you complete is transmitted to the appropriate vendor using this identifier. When contacting vendors about an order status or cancellation, use the purchase order number and they should be able to locate the order in their system. Make sure you reference the purchase order number and not just an order number because each vendor has their own internal order number system which we normally don’t see.

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Which Suppliers Charge Shipping?

(04/14/2014) In Shop@UW, several suppliers charge extra for shipping. Three ways to quickly determine if a supplier charges extra for shipping include:

1. “Shipping Not Included” is printed on the supplier sticker in the shopping showcase.

Shipping Not Included example 1

2. “Shipping Not Included” is indicated in the search results window.

Shipping Not Included - example 2

3. Shipping charges for each supplier are outlined on the web page in the details column; see

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View Favorites

View Favorites in Shop fly out menu.(02/11/2014) Favorites are an important function for Shop@UW. Individuals can set up their own personal favorites from hosted suppliers and, the system administrator can set up shared favorites. An example of shared favorites are the UW-Madison Preferred Products for office supplies.


To find View Favorites, click on the Shop icon in the Left Navigation Bar and find the Shopping option. View Favorites is a link under the Go To heading in the fly out menu box. Additional information about setting up favorites can be found on the Tutorial Index web page at Look for the topic called "Creating and Using Favorites" under the Shop section and review the PDF or online video.

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Bookmarks icon in Top Information Bar.(02/11/2014) One of the easiest ways to find a frequently-used page in Shop@UW is to bookmark it. In the Top Information Bar of the user interface is the Bookmarks icon. The icon looks like a white star. Click on the icon to open the Bookmarks dropdown menu box. Additional information about setting up bookmarks can be found on the Tutorial Index web page at Look for the topic called " Navigation Options Part 1: Top Information Bar" under the Navigation Options section and review the PDF or online video.

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Using Other Product Search Options

(10/04/2013) Clicking on a supplier sticker opens a new search window (see picture below) and enables an item search for from one supplier. This feature is advantageous for users that want to view specific item/s from one supplier.

supplier search windowHint: Leaving the search field empty will return all available items from the supplier.

Review the online tutorials, "Other Product Search Options," for additional information about using the filter options in the search results window: 1) PDF or 2) video.

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Shop@UW FAQ's Answer Functional Questions

(08/23/2013) The Shop@UW FAQ's provide quick answers for shoppers. Two topics were added to explain unique functions on supplier punch-out sites:

  • IDT: Fill in Required Fields at Checkout
  • Qiagen: Checking Product Availability

Visit the Shop@UW FAQ web site.

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Creating and Using Favorites

(08/13/2013) Favorites represent products that are frequently ordered from hosted supplier catalogs and provide the shopper with quick access to those items. This functionality is only available from those suppliers listed in the Hosted Supplier Showcase. Items from a punch-out site cannot be added to favorites; however, search and favorite functions are usually available directly on the vendor punch-out sites. Review the documentation about creating favorites in two formats:

A benefit of using the favorites function is that the user is able to rename item descriptions to more intuative descriptions than those that were uploaded by suppliers. A new Shared Favorites folder was recently added to Shop@UW called 2014 Calendars from Staples where all of the item descriptions in the folder begin with "2014 Calendar."

2014 Calendar from Staples Shared Favorites folder


If the shopper enters "2014 calendar" in the Shop & Compare field on the Shop&UW storefront home page, all of the items from the Shared Favorites folder are filtered to the top of the search results window.

2014 calendar begins each item description

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Duplicate Supplier Stickers in Hosted Catalog and Punch-out Shoecases

(08/12/2013) When a supplier is configured in the Shop@UW system so their catalog items can be searched for in the Shop & Compare search field, the supplier sticker is included in the Shop at a Hosted Supplier Catalog showcase. If one of the hosted catalog suppliers do not have a price file uploaded to the Shop@UW system, it may be configured to either: 1) get a live price from the supplier's punch-out web site or 2) provide a "Order from Supplier" link that navigates directly to the searched for item on the supplier's punch-out web site. Because the supplier also has a punch-out web site, a duplicate supplier sticker is available in the Shop at a Punch-out Supplier Site showcase.

Please note: items from punch-out suppliers that do not have stickers in the Shop at a Hosted Catalog showcase are not searchable and do not show up in the search results window.

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Variations for Displaying Prices in the Search Results Window

(08/12/2013) Users will notice two different system display messazges where the price is displayed :

1. Getting LivePrice

  • The price is obtained from the supplier's punch-out web site.
  • "Getting LivePrice" text changes to the actual price.
  • LivePrice shows a special icon LivePrice iconnext to the price.
  • "Add to Cart" button is avialable in the search window without leaving the Shop@UW site.
  • Current suppliers returning "Getting LivePrice" in the search window: Fisher Scientific, VWR, and Sigma-Aldrich.

2. Order from Supplier

  • The "Order from Supplier" text is hyperlinked and navigates directly to the item on the supplier's punch-out web site.
  • Add item to cart on the punch-out site.
  • Click on the punch-out site "check out" button or link and, continue clicking through the punch-out site to return the order to the Shop@UW shopping cart.
  • Current suppliers returning "Order from Supplier" in the search window: Bio-Rad.
  • Review documentation about punch-out suppliers.

Documentation about the system dispaly messages can be found on the Tutorial Index web page.

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Meet the "Organizational Message" Box in Shop@UW

Organizational Message Box

(07/03/2013) The Shop@UW organizational message box provides links to areas of interest on the Shop@UW reference web site after logging into the system.




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Use Filters and Keywords to Find Priducts in Shop@UW

(07/01/2013) When the user performs a product search using the "Shop at the Top" functionality, the result may end up to be thousands of items. Refine the items search in the results window by using filters and keyword that are found in the left panel of the search results web page. There are several filter options in the Filter Results panel: By Supplier, By Manufacturer, By Packaging, etc.

The Shop@UW Tutorial Index contains a PDF and Video called, Filtering and Sorting Search Results.

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Training Documents and Video Links are Online!

Training Manual Icon

(03/04/2013) Training documents and video are now available in the Shop@UW application. Click on the "training manual icons" within Shop@UW to find links to PDFs and video.

Links to additional training are also found by clicking on the Training link in the navigation links above and selecting Tutorial Index from the drop down menu.







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Review the Shop@UW Tips