Shop@UW Tools

We offer several tools to aid you in your purchasing process. Look below for an overview and links to each unique tool.

Account Setup & Revision

This tool provide instructions on how to set up your MDS account. We offer two types of accounts: University Direct Funding and Procurement Card/Monthly Invoicing. >> Learn More

PAT Tool

The Pre-Posting Allocation Tool (PAT) is used to split the funding for procurements from Shop@UW before they are posted to the Shared Financial System (SFS). Shop@UW will post all transactions for each Shop@UW account on a nightly basis. Department representatives may then login to PAT and adjust/allocate the funding for those transactions. On the third business day of the following month at noon, transactions will be locked and further changes will not be allowed within PAT. The adjusted transactions will then post to SFS and be viewable in WISDM the next day.

MDS made changes in March 2017 to the MDS portion of the Pre-Allocation Tool (PAT). Users must be authorized before they are given access to use the tool. If you require access please contact Shop@UW Customer service directly at (608) 497-4400 or Please be sure to include your name, NetID, and MD# to ensure efficient processing of your request.>> Learn More

Default Funding

The Default Funding Update is used for changing the default funding on your MD number for all future invoices from Shop@UW. You cannot use this function to assign funding to a specific order. >> Learn More

Gas Cylinder Pick-Up Requests

Shop@UW will ensure the timely pick-up of your gas cylinders if you follow these simple steps. >> Learn How

Gas Special Order Form

Users looking to order new Airgas tanks can use this special order form. >> Go Now

Alcohol Barrel Pick-Up

Submit a Chemical Disposal/Surplus Pickup Request Form to Enviornment, Health and Safety (EHS) for alcohol barrel pick-up. >> Learn How

Shop@UW Tools