What to Send to SWAP

SWAP is a designated agent for reselling and disposing of surplus property generated by UW-Madison and Madison Area State agencies and municipalities. Agencies are not authorized to dispose of surplus property unless they meet certain sales and reporting requirements of the Department of Administration, or unless they dispose their property through SWAP. (State Procurement Manual Pro-F-3). A detailed description of SWAP policy can be found at: bussvc.wisc.edu/purch/ppp18.html

SWAP Materials Collection

SWAP collects all reusable, repairable, or salvageable surplus equipment from the UW-Madison campus, state agencies and municipalities in the Madison area.  SWAP will NOT collect items that are hazardous, deemed unsalable by SWAP staff, or items that are unsafe to handle.  If SWAP collects items that require a recycling fee, the department's MD Account Number will be charged a handling and disposal fee.  The list below is a guide to what SWAP will not collect but it is not a complete list.  If you are unsure whether or not SWAP should pick-up your materials, contact the SWAP Manager at mthies@bussvc.wisc.edu for assistance.

*SWAP reserves the right to refuse any drop-off not accompanied by a Surplus Property Pick-up Form, or any pick-up that contains inappropriate material.*

Items Collected by SWAP


Items NOT Accepted by SWAP
(Contact SWAP for alternative disposal option)

  • All computer equipment, regardless of condition
    or age
  • Computer monitors ($7 ea. charge)
  • Televisions ($10 ea. charge)
  • Functional office supplies (please sort)
  • Copiers and large printers ($.20 per lb if over
    50 lbs and unsalable)
  • Complete and functional office furniture
    (e.g., desks, chairs)
  • Clean, reusable labware
  • Non-hazardous lab equipment
  • Books
  • Tools and hardware
  • Electrical equipment, including motors
    regardless of condition
  • Clean, modern and functional appliances
    ($10 ea. charge if unsalable)
  • Liquids, powders, or aerosol sprays of any kind
  • Mercury-containing equipment
  • Asbestos-containing equipment or material
  • Dismantled modular workstations
  • Incomplete or broken furniture (desks with
    missing drawers, broken chairs, etc.)
  • Mattresses
  • Sharp hazards as defined by Safety Department
    (needles, broken glass, etc.)
  • Contaminated lab ware and equipment with
    radioactive sources
  • Plate glass (handling hazard)
  • Dismantled shelving
  • Paints, paint removers
  • Light fixtures and fluorescent bulbs
  • Old, dirty or non-functioning appliances

Hard Drive Destruction Services Available

SWAP ensures that all data is removed from hard drive-based media prior to resale. Any data that is not removed in-house is sent to our local E-Waste recycler. If a tracking or verification of data removal is required, there may be additional fees. This service is available to UW departments, state agencies, municipalities, and school districts ONLY. Contact SWAP for more information: (608) 497-4440.