Division of Business Services


Division of Business Services Newsletter

This newsletter has been launched to share information related to Division of Business Services activities. View the most recent edition from April 2019, or view older editions of various Business Services newsletters.


Accounting Services

Serves as the Financial Services function
for UW-Madison.

Purchasing Services

Provides professional procurement services.

Internal Controls

Safeguard University assets, ensure the
reliability and integrity of financial information,
ensure compliance, and promote efficient
and effective operations.


Materials Distribution Services (MDS)

Provides redistribution and storage services.

Bursar's Office

Provides tuition collection and student
loan services.


Provides e-commerce ordering for purchasing contracts.

Risk Management and Workers' Compensation

Serves as the insurance office for UW-Madison,
including Property, Liability and Worker's Compensation.

SWAP (Surplus With A Purpose)

Promotes the sale, reuse, and environmentally-friendly disposal of the State's surplus property.